how to track sales leads with Clickmagick

Clickmagick is the ONLY link management system you need as an online marketer, especially if you buy or sell traffic to a site.?read below on how to track sales leads with clickmagick

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Clickmagic basically tracks every visit and conversion and also controls the traffic flow by blocking clicks like bots. 

As they say:

If you can?t measure it, you can?t improve it.

Clickmagick allows you to measure exactly what?s going on with your bought traffic.

ClickMagick stats are real-time, and 100% accurate. If ClickMagick says you received 64 unique clicks, then that?s exactly what you got! This means you can tell the difference between what?s a bot and what is a real person. 

  • You have the ability to track an entire sales funnel ?  all the way from the opt-in to the thank you page and your upsells and so forth. 
  • Link cloaking ? You can mask the URL you?re promoting so you don?t promote some spammy looking link. 
  • You can select which countries you want to include. 
  • ?Bad Clicks? ? filter out any bad clicks or bots or search engine spiders. 
  • Separate links for mobile or IOS users. 
  • Any tracking link can be split tested and so give you an even greater understanding of what?s working. 
A/B Split testing on Clickmagick

And there is SO much more to it as well. 

This is honestly an essential bit of software for anywhere buying traffic to their funnel. You can?t improve unless you know where to improve. 

Clickmagick shows you exactly what you need to work on. 


Organic Tracking

By inputting the provided code into your website, you can track organic traffic to your site.


They have 3 useful features in their content menu to help increase your conversions. 

These include pop-ups, bars, and countdown timers. 

All three of these can be completely modified to your liking. 

Popups can be delayed, set to pop up on load, exit popups and much more. 

Magikbars ? a bar that appears at the bottom or top of the page. It will stay until the user gets rid of it. 

Timers ? A countdown timer that can give the user an incentive to click through or ?buy now?. 

Clickmagick can be a bit overwhelming for anybody relatively new to internet marketing. However, their technical support is unbelievable and there?s also an active Facebook group where loads of help is provided to anybody stuck. 

If you?re thinking about Clickmagick but not sure, they have a 14-day free trial that gives you the opportunity to just try it out. 

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